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2014 "The Shannons Australian Motor Racing Nationals".

Auto Union' have their very own race car and compete yearly in what is known as "The Shannons Australian Motor Racing Nationals".

Auto Union Race in "The Kerrick Sports Sedan Series" section at the Shannons Nationals.

The Kerrick Sports Sedan Series is one of the most exciting on the annual Shannons Australian Motor Racing Nationals calendar, pitting a range of ‘wild and winged’ modified sports sedans and trans-ams against each other. Part of The Nationals since its inception in 2006, the Kerrick Sports Sedans represent the fastest tin-tops in Australia and in some cases, the fastest outright cars on a number of national circuits. In 2014, the Kerrick Sports Sedan Series will contest five national circuit racing events across four states:

  • Round One – 25-27 April, Mallala Motorsport Park

  • Round Two – 13-15 June, Winton Motor Raceway

  • Round Three – 8-10 August, Queensland Raceway

  • Round Four – 19-21 September, Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

  • Round Five – 17-19 October, Wakefield Park Motor Raceway

For more information on the Kerrick Sports Sedan Series, please visit


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